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Fork x4

Knife x4

Steak Knife x1

Teaspoon x4

Tablespoon x4

Chef knife x1


Cooking/mixing Ladle x1

Cooking anti-sticking Spatula x1

Handy food Tongs x1

Plastic/Wooden Spoon x1

Corkscrew x1

Scissors x1

Vegetables peeler x1

Pizza cutter x1

Metallic cutlery organizer x1


Glass (31cl) x5

Mug (25cl) x3

Flat plate x5

Soup plate x5

Bowl (0,4L) x3


Saucepan (0,9L) x1

Non-Sticky Pan (Ø 24cm) x1

Pot with lid (2,8L) x1

Colander x1

Cut Board (24cm x 15cm) x1

Plastic bowl (2,2L) x1

Tupperware x3

Kitchen towels x4


- ALL these products at ONLY €54.99: save money

- Delivered to your door: save time and efforts

- Picked up at the end of your stay: save wastes

Bundle - Kitchen Comfort

54,99 €Price

    The products delivered might be slightly different from the products in the pictures but they will have all the features listed in the product description, if not bigger/with more capacity in case of pots, pans,  cutting board, glasses and mugs

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