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  • What types of products does UniRents offer for rent?
    UniRents offers a variety of essential products for students, including items for the kitchen, tech gadgets, and other popular items. You can browse our selection on the UniRents website.
  • Who can use UniRents' services?
    UniRents primarily targets students going on international exchange programs in Europe. However, anyone in need of short-term rentals for essential items can use our services.
  • Is there a set minimum for how long I can rent?
    Yes, the shortest rental period is one semester, or about six months. Even if you're staying for less time, it's often cheaper than buying everything. We're working on offering shorter rental periods in the future.
  • Can I extend my rental period?
    Yes, you can extend your rental for additional semesters. Just contact our customer support team for details. Please note that extensions are granted one semester at a time.
  • How does UniRents contribute to sustainability?
    UniRents aims to reduce waste generated by students relocating for short periods. By renting essential products to students and ensuring their reuse, Unirents minimizes waste and promotes sustainability. You can learn more about this on our Problem Poster.
  • How does Unirents save me time and effort?
    With Unirents, you don't have to worry about buying and disposing of essential items for your stay. We deliver the products you need directly to your door, and we also handle the return of the items at the end of your rental period. This process is explained in detail on our About page.
  • How can I spread the word about UniRents?
    If you've had a positive experience with UniRents, we encourage you to tell your friends who are planning their own exchange abroad about our service. You can also share our introductory video to give them a quick overview of how UniRents can save them time, money, and effort while contributing to sustainability or simply our website
  • How does the deposit system work at UniRents?
    When booking a rental item from UniRents, customers are required to pay a deposit equal to 70% of the price listed on the website. This deposit will be returned within 2 weeks after the return of the products, based on the condition of the returned products. More information can be found on our Deposit & Shipping page.
  • How is the refund of my deposit calculated?
    The refund of your deposit is based on the condition of the returned products. If 75% to 100% of the products returned are in conditions to be reused, you get a 100% refund. If 30% to 75% of the products are reusable, you get a 50% refund. If less than 30% of the products are reusable, no refund is provided. You can find more details on our Deposit & Shipping
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