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About UniRents: the 5Ws

WHY is it convenient?

Comparison Prices Table - Pan Rental for €6,99


Why would you spend money to buy products you will use only one semester?

Try the



  • 🔑 Convenience: Rent items for a fraction of their purchase price.

  • 🚀 Effortless: Get all your products directly at your door.

  • 🌍 Sustainability: Renting reduces waste and helps preserve our planet.

We try our best to contribute to the 2030 SDGs, especially:

SDGs - UniRents Mission


UniRents Logo

  • Step 2: in the confirmation email tell us your for shipping details: your arrival date 📆 and apartment address 📍

  • Step 3: Receive your products and enjoy your hassle-free semester 🎉

  • Step 4: When it's time to leave, let us know your departure date. We'll collect the rented items ♻️

  • Step 5: we will refund your deposit within three working weeks 💸.

  • Step 6: Spread the word! 📣 Share your UniRents experience with friends planning their own exchange abroad.


Davide Senigalliesi - UniRents Founder

Davide Senigalliesi


Business plan developer

Strategic and operational manager

Communication and Sales

Denis Domanin - UniRents Team Member
Mikhail Nicolaev - UniRents Team Member

Project management and

logistic support

Bernat Boltà Villanova - UniRents Team Member

Bernat Boltà
Business plan


  • Berlin Greater Metropolitan Area

  • Wildau (Technische Hochschule)

Operations Map - UniRents
TH-Wildau Logo
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